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With its headquarters based in Los Angeles, CA, Blue Eagle Entertainment is an aggressive, innovative, international and executive film production company.
Founded in 2001, the company is built on the principle of combining the efforts of new, raw talent with seasoned industry veterans to create critically acclaimed independent entertainment.


Compared to the golden age of Hollywood, investments in filmed entertainment can be quite risky in this day and age. However the incentives nowadays are in tax benefits and credits, merchandise sales but least and not least still a Return on Investment (ROI) based on domestic and/or foreign sales. The cost of filmmaking has been massively reduced due to new digital technologies which led to the market being flooded by rather awful productions cluttering the netflix platform and others. Star power has lost its edge, however having certain named talent attached to a project might still bring marketing and some benefits.

Blue Eagle Entertainment developes and executes its film productions on the highest possible quality with the lowest possible budget. There is a no reason to spend $100 mio on a film budget if the exact same film 1:1 can be produced with $10 mio. Independent filmmaking makes it possible to utilize amazing young talents, mind blowing digital technologies and wonderful stories to create a meaningful project that actually carries a message, on a rather moderate budget. Blue Eagle Entertainment utilizies international talent, named actors from Europe, the US, Australia or Asia - simply to make a project very attractive to be sold in domestic but more foreign markets. A film budget can reach its 100% ROI sometimes simply by selling various rights to different countries and then become a financial success on the domestic market as well.

Blue Eagle Entertainment utilizies various tax schemes in the USA as well as the EIS (Enterprise Investment Scheme) in the UK and other tax credit systems. We also look for independent investors interested in creating amazing film projects, be involved and achieve financial success.

Please get in touch to discuss investment possibilities by visiting our Contact Us form. Below are projects that are currently in development.


The following projects are currently in development and are looking for funding. Please use the Contact Us form to get in touch for more information.


SPHINX is the feature length motion picture about the history of mankind. Where do we come from? How did we evolve? Is there a world beyond ours? Are we alone?
The film project SPHINX: Genesis (Official Website: was based on the motion picture concept for SPHINX.

SPHINX is set in Europe (UK, France and Spain) and follows a man with supernatural abilities on a journey to self discovery that leads him back to our ancient past as humans, while being hunted by merciless assassins, federal governments and religious cults. While the story holds huge supernatural elements, it also covers a lot of historical content and is moved along in the action genre.

Status: In Development (Business Proposal)
Total Budget: US-$ 5 million
Location: England, UK | Iceland | Spain

Reference Projects: The DaVinci Code | Memento | Dark City | Lucy | Interstellar

Scorched Earth

Scorched Earth follows a batallion of german soldiers fighting again Russia on the eastern front in the midst of 1941. It's a war-action project about brotherhood and survival.

Status: In Development (Business Proposal)
Total Budget: US-$ 6 million
Location: USA

Reference Projects: Iron Cross | Band Of Brothers


The following are copywritten concepts that have been fully developed as novels and screenplays.


Immortal is the story of a vengeful spirit who was damned in the middle ages and seeks revenge on the descendants of the very people that exiled him.

Dangerous Zones

Dangerous Zones follows three Bounty Hunters on their simple hunt of a murderer as they get deeper involved into a net of lies and corrpution and find themselves in the middle of a drug cartel war with the federal government.

The Secret Of Our Mankind

When a young science student is able to apply the theoretical formula of reach light speed on an actual object, the federal government launches a massive project to build shuttles flying at the speed of light. On the day of the first launch, everything seems fine but something goes terribly wrong that sends the shuttle crew on a terrifying yet amazing journey.

Judgment Day

Judgment Day is a story about the last days on earth.